Appropriation, 2014

Appropriation was a quick-fire, explorative print based exhibition and portfolio publication devised to examine the use of appropriation for the making of work. The project’s short deadline pushed artists to explore ideas around appropriation; seizing and taking possession of already existing material to create something new, assemblage, collage and literary based appropriation poetry.

This short run project is an experimental test bed toward the development of future collaborative print based projects, it considers many elements SPUR are interested in exploring and working with, including poetry and text based works, commissioning and continuing to push our print based outputs.

Appropriation was exhibited as part of the 17th International Contemporary Artists Book Fair at new contemporary art centre The Tetley, the full installation was created in association with Village Bookstore & Gallery who displayed a range of related publications on the site specific display units we created. The publication is a series of 27 A3 poster prints, with 18 of these exhibited as part of the exhibition, housed within a large plastic display wallet.

The publication is a limited, hand numbered edition of 50, with sixteen of these given one each to the participating artists.


ACF Mitchell

Amelia Crouch

Doug Bowen

Emma Gill

Helmut Smits

James Maxfield

Joel Colover

Josie Wells

Katrina Cowling

Lucy Johnson

Mayuko Kai

Nicholas Burrows

Patrick Creedon

Simon Boase

Sophie Stafford


at The Tetley, Leeds
On 07/03/2014 – 23/03/2014