We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it, 2015

As part of About Time SPUR presented our new publication We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it which launched as part of the Art Licks Weekend 2015 in venues across London.

The theme of the publication is Time, and the fear of looking forward and back through it, as a continuation of our research in to Chronophobia. The title We can’t go round it – we’ll have to go through it is taken from the children’s story We’re going on a Bear Hunt and relays this fear of having to proceed through something you have no knowledge of, there is no way to go round time, you have to go through the present to reach the future.


Poppy Robinson

Rufus Newell



Launched at:

Book-ish : A book fair of sorts
At 38b Peckham Rye
2-4 October 2015
Opening night: Thursday 1 October 6-9pm
Opening hours: Friday – Sunday 12-6pm

An exhibition bringing together books and publications from past 38b exhibitors, collaborators and invited friends. With contributions from: Sarah Bowker-Jones, Nicolas Burrows, Ed Cheverton, Jay Cover, Black Dogs, Laura Dee Milnes, Freddy Dewe-Matthews, Luke Drozd, William Edmonds, Highchair Editions, Rita Evans, Andrea Francke, Jonathan Hoskins, Ross Jardine, Micro Library Books, Palefroi, John Powell-Jones, Mike Ryder, Rosalie Schweiker, Emily Speed, SPUR, Supermundane, Comet Substance, Alexander Tucker, Nous Vous, Mick Welbourn, Nick White, Susannah Worth, and Carla Wright.





At 38b, Art Licks Weekend
On 02/10/2015 – 04/10/2015