Carbon Data: isthisit, 2017

Online exhibition featuring newly commissioned works by artist Jade Annaw for isthisit’s on going online exhibition series.

Carbon Data is the endless repetition of two video works by artist Jade Annaw. The two videos take the idea of the endless loop and connectivity as their starting point, using video collage to explore our need to monitor and maintain our relationships with technology and the online realm. Freedom comes through our world wide exploration through our flat screen, yet what happens to our unintentional archive of digital material which could be gathered, harvested, stored forever. Are we stored forever through Facebook as our ashes can be stored forever in a man made diamond, or should we let ourselves digitally degrade. Thanks to Jade for letting us continue on our journey through digital purgatory.

isthisit? is a platform for contemporary art founded in 2016 by it’s current director,┬áBob Bicknell-Knight. Online, it operates as a gallery creating weekly exhibitions showcasing emerging to mid-career artists, hosting a roster of guest curators experimenting with the medium of the internet to interrogate a variety of different concepts. The website also hosts monthly residencies, where artists are given a web page to create a completely new work that exists on the internet as a piece of net art.


Jade Annaw


18/08/2017 – 25/08/2017