Reading Gendered Words, 2017

Leeds Arts University 2017 Library Interventions: Reading Gendered Words

Artist, designer, writer: An aporetic collaboration between library, gallery and symposium. As part of Reading Gendered Words SPUR presented a pop up ‘girl library’ and a series of reading groups.

What is the gendered word?
Where is it active?
How does it recuperate interaction with the printed word?
Some answers are to ask more questions:

Maria Fusco: the possibility of ourselves as strange and new
The internationally renowned art writer and Reader at University of Edinburgh agreed to take a lead
in responding to our call. Fusco writes: For Library Interventions, I purpose the theme of ‘reading gendered words’ as a practical structural analysis entitled the possibility of ourselves as strange and new. The opaque processes of ordering and classification will be looked at not as neutral but challenged directly.

girl /ɡəːl/ noun – Gone Girl. The Girl on a Train. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Girl with a Pearl
Earring. Mean Girls. Guerrilla Girls. She is everywhere, but who or what is a girl? Is Girl the gendered word par excellance? What about the riot grrls, queer girls, trans girls, butch girls, femme girls, old girls, baby girls, party girls, good girls, bad girls, girl-friends,? Who are all these girls?

Rosa Nussbaum: Body Documents
How might we manipulate the material form of the book object to encourage an expanded (re)reading through a queer feminist lens?


The Girl Library – a Reading Group, hosted by SPUR
As part of the exhibition Reading Gendered Words at Leeds Arts University, SPUR hosted two reading and screening groups around the theme of the word girl, where we read, watched and discussed together a number of texts that investigate the word girl and girl culture.

20 April 2017, 12-1pm
Leeds Arts University, Blenheim Walk Gallery
Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl (2012) & a screening of Sadie Benning’s iconic video Girl Power (1992).

24 April 2017, 6-8pm
Leeds Arts University, Blenheim Walk Gallery
A section of Catherine Driscoll’s book Girls: Feminine adolescence in popular culture and cultural theory and a selection of artist films responding to girlhood.

Project dates: 13/04/2017 – 28/04/2017


Image credit: Ian Hinchliffe & Leeds Arts University, 2017