EOSTRE, 2018

Some etymologists believe that the name Easter is derived from the pagan goddess Eostre, the goddess was associated with love and fertility, however there is no definitive evidence that there was a goddess named Eostre and or that her hare familiar was part of pagan folklore at all.

For the 2018 Spring festive season we have commissioned three artists to take part in the tradition of decorating eggs to celebrate life old and new. Eostre may have or may never have existed and this uncertainty is played out in works that are both real and unreal, certain and uncertain. In a world that is obsessed with fake news a historical notion of real and faux may act as a grounding point or perhaps another point of departure.

EOSTRE is three downloadable artworks in the form of desk top and mobile phone backgrounds. Please download the works via the links below.


Lucy Sherston

Rufus Newell

Ruohan Wang



EOSTRE, 800×600

EOSTRE, 1280×800