Graduate Diaries, 2013

The Upcoming Graduate Diary Project was an online documentary project, creating an experimental approach to working with our peers and exploring how university provides for our future careers at a time when we are questioning ourselves the most.

By asking five 3rd year arts related BA students to document and talk about their work, experience and goals in the run up to degree show and graduation we were able to follow their development, thought progression and changing ideas, seeing how university supported them and allowing us a deeper understanding of their work and practice. Each writer/artist was chosen through an open call process in which we aimed to select at least one artist from each educational establishment in Leeds, they were asked to write a diary entry each month which would be presented online through our website.

The project was presented in diary entries of text and image on our Tumblr site where it is now archived.


Phoebe Eustance

Rebecca Jones

Lydia Catterall

Hannah Bowen

Charlotte Blackburn


Online: 01/02/2013 – 01/06/2013