Our House, 2014

Our House was an exhibition formed from an extension of the ‘Collection of’ publication, a physical intervention of artists from the editions series alongside new specially selected & commissioned artists, seeking to interact with and take control of the gallery and overall shop space of it’s enclosure; Village Bookstore & Gallery.

The title of the show claiming that the space is now SPUR’s is an intentional bold gesture, contrasting yet complimenting the subtle integration of works within the space itself. With works ranging from sign writing, charcoal illustration to video and found object assemblage, the exhibition examined the relationship between visual art creation and installation.



Robert Tatton

Karl Vickers

Jeff Baij

Mark Dorf

Jay Cover

Lucy Sherston

Greg Owen

Joel Colover

Jack Piers Scott

Alex Sickling

Charlotte Trounce

Helmut Smits


Exhibition took place at Village Bookstore & Gallery, Leeds
On 06/02/2014 – 06/03/2014