The Female Gaze, 2014

The Female Gaze was a month long programme of events organised together by The Hyde Park Picture House, Village Bookstore & Gallery and two practising female photographers & curators Abi Mitchell of SPUR and photographer Sophie Stafford. The programme celebrated the work of exceptional female photographers past and present, as well as exploring the notion of ‘positive discrimination’ in photography through text and discussion.

By screening two insightful documentaries on Jane Bown and Vivian Maier, as well as holding an accompanying exhibition featuring the work of six contemporary photographers working today, the programme aimed to draw attention to the work of outstanding female photographers who, unlike their male counterparts, continue to be underrepresented.

Then examining the credibility of ‘female only’ curation, by concluding the programme with a round table discussion, where we explored whether the strategy we, and many others, have adopted is an effective means of responding to the underrepresentation of female photographers, or if it is simply a ‘tokenistic’ approach, which risks undermining the artists involved.

The programme team also commissioned texts for the website which further explored these ideas and debates, and produced a pamphlet designed by SPUR which included texts and further details on the whole programme and exhibition.


Natasha Whalley

Jana Romanova

Magda Rakita

Katarina Mudronova

Pauline Magnenat

Kristine Jakobsen

Jocelyn Allen


The programme;

1st July – 6.30pm
The Hyde Park Picture House
Looking For Light: Jane Bown Screening

10th July – 6/9pm
Village Bookstore & Gallery
The Female Gaze Exhibition Opening

5th August – 6.30pm
The Hyde Park Picture House
Finding Vivian Maier Screening

7th August – 6.30/8pm
Village Bookstore & Gallery
Round Table Discussion

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At Village Bookstore & Gallery / Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds

On 01/07/2014 – 07/08/2014