It’s Not My Fault, 2015

It Wasn’t My Fault was an exhibition through publication produced for the 2015 Annuale arts festival in Edinburgh. The A5 printed publication was displayed and distributed across Annuale 2015 festival venues in Edinburgh and consists of ten new experimental prose commissions both text and image based, exploring the idea of looking towards an impending dystopian future.

Annuale is an annual festival of independent and grassroots activity co-ordinated by Embassy in Edinburgh.

Alongside the prose pieces we commissioned Maria Andreou to create an accompanying video work which has been installed on our online gallery Landing Site over the course of the festival in June through in to July 2015.


Beth Rose
Bruce Asbestos
Daniel Lehan
Giles Bailey
Jack Piers Scott
Kadish Morris
Karl Russell Vickers
Maria Andreou
Owen Booth
William Edmonds

At Embassy Gallery, Annuale Festival, Edinburgh

On 12/06/2015 – 28/06/2015