Little Help: Art Licks Weekend, 2017

In September 2017 we took part for the third year running in London based arts festival Art Licks Weekend. As a non venue based organisation we enjoy collaborating with national organisations on events and projects and enjoyed taking part in Art Licks Weekend for the third time!

Little Help is a series of artist ceramic objects which acted as collection boxes for the Art Licks Weekend festival. SPUR commissioned two artists, Amy Worral and Claire de Lune, working with contemporary ceramics and illustration to create ceramic vessels to be used as “piggy banks” in order to collect much need donations to support on-going arts activity. The works simultaneously act as art objects and as essential funding collection points, highlighting the funding crisis in public arts and stressing the importance of continued support.


Amy Worral

Claire De Lune


Art Licks Weekend 2017 – Finding Solutions

28 September – 1 October, venues across London