Landing Site: Jade Annaw, 2017

A new video commission by artist Jade Annaw responding to SPUR’s research themes of GIRL and spores, Wiiatu finds itself exploring relationships, the digital realm and communication.

Wiiatu was originally commissioned for NAWKI 2017 to be then housed on our Landing Site as a semi permanent installation for 2017.

Wiiatu stands for the symbol of idealism, intuition, energy, inspiration, determination, courage, but also tensions and contradictions.

Jade Annaw (b.1993) is a video and digital artist living and working in Nottingham, graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2015 with a BA in Fine Art. Annaw’s practice centres on the slippage between IRL and URL, the biological expectations of a woman and the acquisition and maintenance of romantic love online. Her work explores the progression of dialogue, conversation and gesture due to the rapid expansion of the technological landscape and how this could affect the future of producing and showing art. Annaw often describes finding herself a slipstream between fantasy and reality, leading her to enquire into the necessity of transforming the self, in order to thrive in cyberspace.


Landing Site; new commission

20/08/2017 – current